Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bare it all

I quite like myself, thank you very much. More than that, I think I am a pretty awesome, fun, generous, well-natured person. It really doesn't get better than this.

Yet, I am left wondering: what is it that makes me, among other successful, put-together women, be so readily willing to give away their self-worth to someone who barely even matters to them anymore? 
When you get disrespected over and over again, at which point do you finally say "enough"? At which point do you look at the things in your life that no longer serve you and decide to make a different choice?As hard as it may be for some people, there is no substitute for honesty. When looking at your actions or reactions, one must ask themselves as to what are the real reasons for choosing to behave in this particular manner? what are you really trying to achieve? I do my best trying to stay honest with myself and other people, hence why I have no time or patience for idle chit chat and bullshit anymore.  When you say you wan to talk to me, are you really prepared for honest communication? Are you willing to face the depths of your soul and bare it all, perhaps finding something completely unexpected along the way? When things don't go as planned, will you run and hide, or are you going to welcome the new experience as part of the process, learning about yourself as a result? Do you really want communication, or rather a confirmation of your own attractiveness and your status in this world instead? When those little voices start bothering you that maybe you're not following the path of your heart, will you listen? or will you turn to the world, busying yourself int he daily life of a working bee, pretending that you don't know any better? that that's really all there is to it?

Be honest.

With yourself, with other people, with the strangers on the streets.

We don't have to pretend like everything is ok at all times, that we are liked and approved of by everyone always, that our lives have a direction and a purpose, or that we have it all together.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have any of those said things, yet, strangely enough, I feel normal and part of society, and I'd rather be friends with those who can look within and readily admit what they see, than those who choose to keep up the appearances for the fear of facing something they are not yet ready to deal with. 

It's all about the level of self-awareness. Choose yours.

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