Saturday, September 18, 2010

Triberg trip

The other day I picked up a free map with all the best sights for South Germany. A little place called Triberg, with Germany's highest waterfalls set in the middle of the Black Forest immediately caught my attention. So, to shake off the blues a little bit, I decided to skip the afternoon of math in favour of communing with nature. And am I ever glad I did! The weather was sunny and warm, the little town was somewhat familiar, reminding me of Banff. And the waterfalls? Definitely worth the 2 euro admission fee. It was as picturesque as Germany can be and I cannot wait to come back again. The walk was followed by my first taste of the Schwabish cuisine. Sorry, not a huge fan. It is a bit too starchy, oily and bland for my liking. Most of the dishes are some variation of pork, spatzle and potatoes. It was neat to dine in an old home converted into a restaurant, though. Everything was made of wood, decorated in typical German country style fashion. So cozy!

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  1. Ohhhh this sounds so nice and peaceful. I am glad you had this afternoon.