Monday, October 4, 2010

The Road

In the last 2 days we drove through most of Switzerland and a good chunk of France. Other than the Alps in the distance and the cute cows with the bells feeding on picturesque green hills, Switzerland is an easy miss from my future adventures. It was worth to drive through it once, but I still cannot believe how expensive everything was, from snacks to gas. Also, it's the only country around here with its own currency, the silly Swiss franks. Yes, some gas stations will take your euros at some obscene rate, otherwise you are stuck with these funny looking bills that you have no use for. Pff, Switzerland. I don't even like your chocolate. 

France had its share of adventures as well. First off, if you choose nice, freshly paves,speedy highways, expect to contribute to France's economy. A lot. I am talking about toad tolls. And it's not a few coins here and there. Overall, to cross into southern France, it cost us over 20 euros. Ridiculous. If you think you can outsmart the toll roads, like i did, try the secondary roads running parallel to the highway... here's the catch: The French do not build stoplights. Instead, the love traffic circles, usually consisting of 2 lanes, with the all cars constantly switching and merging and exiting without signaling. Basically, a recipe for an accident in a rented car. Not only that, but it literally took us 40 minutes to drive 10 km, with all the speed limits and huge amounts of traffic. So on the way back I have to just bite the bullet and pay again. The town roads are so not worth it! 


  1. eeewww... looks like Canada gets a notch for having free paved highways! But our highways don't lead to France! I am surprised you didn't like Switzerland- NOT EVEN the chocolate (absurd) lol!

  2. NO! No swiss chocolate for me. Well, first off, I couldn't even any when I was there. Second, German chocolate suits me just fine and it is just a myth about Swiss one being the best. So yeah, despite its closeness, I have no desire to rush back into that country again.