Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life in the dorms

I don't know if I've ever appreciated Canada so much. I still don't know where in Canada I want to live and settle down in eventually, but now I know that it will most probably be in Canada. I don't see myself living anywhere in Europe really. I didn't appreciate our vast land, extensive landscapes, big houses and big toilets!
Have i told you about the toilets? Well, no matter where you go and the size of the bathroom, they are all the same: metal circles sticking out of the wall, which, unfortunately , closely resemble the ones on Russian trains. Smells quite familiar too. Enjoy!

But seriously, we live in luxury, comfort and convenience in North America, in every way. I just hope everyone realizes just to what extent. Except for the flight prices, we have the best deal ever. I think Canadians and Americans come to Europe just to see how good they have it, experience what little unique things they don't have in terms of culture and return home happy and content, knowing they are not missing anything.

As to my living arrangements, I feel like i deserve so much better. Maybe Europeans are happy with this but how can I be? I had everything I ever wanted: amazing big house, my own sanctuary, private bathroom... I knew where to go get everything, i knew how to save money, where to shop... and now? What exactly am I making all these sacrifices for? I had no idea how much language can make a difference. To constantly be surrounded by people, buildings, advertisements, special boards and have no idea what they all mean.... to be limited to some very bare, basic conversations and always make allowances for English deficiencies in other people. I feel so foreign.

Tomorrow I have to open up a bank account and put money in it, pay my tuition, so I have to decide what I'm going to do today! Sticking it out for the whole program? Abandon everything and go travel the world? Go work on organic farms in Hawaii? 

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