Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What is home and where is it?

I asked a friend and she said, simply, without a hesitation: "home is where my cat is!" To most people, home is where their family is, sometimes it may include few generations under one roof...

 Well, here I am. No cat, no family, just a few friends who barely even know who I really am.
And yet, for the first time, I feel at home. I have realized that the longing I have been feeling for some time is not just the longing to be with my close friends and loved ones, but it is also my heart longing to be at peace with myself. No longer needing to run, to distract myself with a myriad of things, people, new experiences. But simply be, taking it one day at a time and practicing being as present and joyful as I can. Because at the end of the day, when your heart is not at peace with yourself, no matter where you go, nothing will amuse you, nothing will amaze you, nothing will bring you happiness-not when there is none inside.

So today is really about how I am going to live day by day, noticing the miracles (so-called "synchronicities"), being the centered, calm "me", who does not feel the need to rush anywhere or distract myself with the outside world.

When my heart is content, I am at home, I am at peace.

Wishing you a all wonderful evening, may the stars show you the way :)

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