Monday, January 10, 2011

Back at school!

First day of school back was horribly dreaded for a few days prior to, but turned out to be quite great! Of course, waking up before sunrise seemed like a horrible punishment for all those late holiday wake ups... but it was great to see familiar faces on the bus again, after two weeks off. Everyone was sharing stories about their travels and holidays breaks. Some went to visit friends in Dresden, Heidelberg, Berlin...others went all over Europe or back to their home countries. One thing was in common: all were complaining about the trains being cancelled, delayed or simply stuck in the snow. What should have been a 2-hour trip took at least twice that. Once again, I was quite happy with my decision to not leave the small and safe surroundings of Tuebingen. 
Later on, after surviving the glorious four hours of lectures, an impromptu trip to Metzingen was in order! How else do you celebrate the beginning of the last month of the winter semester? Thinking of all the exams and projects ahead, much cheering up was needed. So the four of us jumped on the first train heading to the shopping mecca of south Germany, giving the whole end of the season sale one more chance! That's one decision you can never go wrong with-shopping. Once again, I hit up my favourites: puma, triumph and lindt outlet (something for every part of the body). Of course, Lindt wins by a long shot in the instant gratification category. You should see all the flavours they've never even heard of in North America... it's a chocolate lover's heaven...I am reaching for one right now!

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