Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What a neat date!

1.11.2011. I just had to write something!
Well, today was a hard lesson in the planning department. When you need a prescription in Germany, you must think and act accordingly at least 2 months prior to. What could have been an easy prescription refill back home now turns into a huge escapade. Last time I went to sign up with a doctor, he gave me this lovely calendar with all his holidays on it. As I turn up at his office today, turns out he's decided to extend it by another week. Totally lost, I ask the pharmacist where I can get a prescription refill, as she motions over to the next building, saying there is an office there, and it should be no problem. As I am climbing up a staircase in a small apartment building, there is a note on the door saying something "today only...prescriptions..3rd floor" (was I ever glad I had my German dictionary with me, thanks to my German class later on). Upon arriving at the third floor, another note greets me, with more unfamiliar German words. 15 minutes and many confusing word meanings later, I figured out the note said how they are only open from 2 til 4 today. Man, these Germans really need to check their work ethic. I mean, really, it's been 10 days into the New Year, people, enough celebrating!

Feeling a huge need for  improvement in my German, I was happy to get back into my twice a week language class routine. Only when I could not even say the first sentence fully in German did I realize how rusty I've become. It's funny how you can live in a country, yet completely get away without speaking the language. Ah, one day, German, I will conquer you.

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