Sunday, November 14, 2010

small town life

Today I looked at how my choices and beliefs led me here today, remembering what it was that made me go to university in the first place. It's very interesting. Being here gives you such a perspective! Later, watching a travel documentary, they showed a bit of Calgary. I must say, whenever I see it, the images of the city do not make me miss it at all. I have come to appreciate the rugged Canadian wilderness, the impressive mountains and how much of it is still to be explored, but as far as everything else, I am happy to be somewhere else. Even if Tubingen feels very small sometimes (example: Today, in 3 hrs we walked in 2 different areas of the city, had dessert at a cafe and went grocery shopping!) Still, it's the human interactions with the people who I have come to know and love that I miss most...And not really miss, but just appreciate that it took a while to find people in Calgary and it is good to know that no matter what, these people will be in your life. I know people like that exist here too, I am yet to find them though. 

Well, I must go to bed, Monday always comes too soon. Wish you all pleasant dreamy journeys in your sleep tonight. 

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