Monday, November 15, 2010

First signs of winter

Its starting to get real cold in here! The Germans really enjoy saving on energy bills. Hence why our Geoscience building has an overall temperature of 17 degrees. I find that even if I wear 3 sweaters, winter boots, scarfs in class, it's still not enough. It's still somewhat above the freezing point. I don't have a clue how I am going to survive a whole winter here.
Thus I made some trips to nearby towns of Esslingen and Reutlingen, mostly looking to stock up on sweaters and thermal underwear. If i can't buy any christmas gifts for people this season, at least I will buy things for myself to keep me warm!

The closeness of Christmas is starting to be seen everywhere, as more markets pop up, people talk about their travel plans for the winter break...I miss family and home and it is sad I won't be going home for the holidays. 

Esslingen church on the neckar river
Fresh baked buns in Esslingen

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  1. How was Christmas without your family? Those buns look ravishing! I can't believe they don't heat their buildings... wtf is that!