Thursday, October 14, 2010

to move or not to move?

Upon returning home, there was still no news about switching apartments. Despite my efforts, so far nothing came through with moving into a double apartment either. Apparently, there were other people ahead of me on the waiting list and they tell me to come back in November. I can't live with these dimwits until November, there must be another way out!
I heard that there is one 2-br apartment available for 600 euros,  through a private renter. I haven't seen it yet, but that means that I will have to buy my own furniture, find a roommate, hire a car to move my stuff, etc and it just doesn't seem worth it. I want to invest a minimal amount into my surroundings (I bought a very cute orange tapestry at the Spanish market for 10E, which I'm using as curtains/wall cover)...I'm trying to make what little space I have more livable. 

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