Monday, October 25, 2010

First dance

Hearing my mom talk about our community gathering back in Calgary makes me miss our community so much. But I am slowly beginning to like mine and have a feeling it can grow here too. 
I went to my first dance class today-hip hop. It was so great to move again! It makes me feel truly alive. Such an amazing feeling, I am so thankful for the reminder to start doing that more. So I have pretty much made extra-curricular plans for mon-fri. With dance classes on mon, wed and thurs. I even found an african studio, which I hope to get to soon. Also I have been paying attention to the dance workshops going on...I have the impression that there are a lot of possibilities for meeting people with your interests outside of school. Two girls actually started talking to me, translating the dance instruction here and there. It was really sweet.
 Also there are a few yoga ones but I think there you need to understand German a bit more than in dance. (I did just fine without any in class today, though!!!) For now I have alot of spare time between my classes and overall the program is not nearly as intense as last year's was.


  1. I am glad you found dance classes. Are you still taking them? What about belly dancing?

  2. No, unfortunately that was my only time I went to a dance class. Soon afterwards I became too busy with school and my personal life to enjoy such wonderful frivolous things. Although I regret not having made the time for them now. Well, new semester=new beginnings and in April I will do it right, I hope!