Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Glorious Mediterranean coast

Well, today finds me on day 4 of the eurotrip.

Let me start off by saying this: I am sitting in my bikini on my private patio, drinking French Bordeaux. The price of this? 30 euros a night for a private peace pf heaven, also known as small mobile home with kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and 2 euros for authentic Bordeaux. 

Ah, I love my life. Today I saw the Mediterranean sea for the first time. This morning I woke up with the well-known intent from all the travels before: "to the beach!” And so I eventually found my way. Also, as usual, the water is colder than you might expect and the cold wind from the sea doesn't help. However, by 11 am on Tuesday we witnessed more than a few couples and families make their way down and bear the cold water. Some just suntanned, making the best of a nice, 25 degree moderately warm weather. And then my favourite thing happened: I went to the local supermarket! I find it to be my ritual, almost. When in a new country, you have to go to the local supermarket, see what local and regional food is being sold, watch how others shop, buy something you'll never get anywhere else, and , of course, find a deal! I did all of the above. Honestly, i had the best time grocery shopping in Europe so far! Compared to Germany and Switzerland, everything was extremely cheap. Fresh, local cherry tomatoes that taste like heaven, perfectly ripe avocados, Italian mozzarella for cents, real french Brie, fresh meat, dairy, not to mention the ridiculously cheap wine. I have not been this excited in days. Everything is fresh and delicious. My tastebuds cannot stop shouting and moaning at the full aromas of every single thing.

Shortly after, I came back into my lovely private cottage and prepared the most delicious salad I had in days and just savoured the moment. Sure, I planned to be in Spain by now. But really, I don't know when else I will get this chance to simply stop, relax, cook anything i feel like, sleep in a real, queen size bed, and just lay out in the sun on the beach doing nothing. Tomorrow, though, we are heading to Girona, which is 100 km away for Barcelona to stay in a campsite and hopefully find a warmer beach there. Although I already feel like I am somewhere in Spain. There is an interesting mix of French and Spanish lifestyles here. Sure, most people speak french, but the food, the architecture, the palm trees- to me, that's all Spain.


  1. EEKKK I love this post! The way you describe your experience is how I know you to be. The cottage and location sound divine. This post makes me want to go to France. That market sounded so fun and you made the food come to life!

  2. :) Thanks! I think I will always remember that salad and wine and the way the sun was shining that day. It was pure joy.
    yes, I do understand what all the hype about south France is all about now. It's delicious, in all senses. You should visit, at least once!