Thursday, May 30, 2013

The world through cat's eyes

I am a firm believer that a source of inspiration can come from anywhere, anytime, if one is open and present. Today, my source of inspiration is my cat. If it wasn't for her, I would've never gone outside first thing in the morning and caught the most glorious sunshine of the day, that lasted for little over a half hour before vanishing behind the dark gray ominous clouds once again. so I ventured outside, feeding the plants, taking care of all the living things out there, walking on a wet lawn squishing dirt between my toes, feeling utterly content and connected with the world around me. In a silent communion, we both enjoyed the outside in our own ways-me, potting around and her, squinting at me from the shade. I watch her enthusiasm as she wakes up in the morning, forgoing her food bowl , sprinting to the patio door, eager to smell, see, experience a new day. At first, she only takes a few steps away from the door and starts sniffing the air vigorously, so her whole face is grimacing as she is taking in the flavours of the outside world. then, she starts on her daily yard inspection, going up to each shrub and plant, sniffing them, acknowledging each branch. Then, she decides what she is in the mood for at the time: relaxing on a warm surface, exposing her soft belly to the sun, or playful- sprinting across the lawn,climbing the fence, chasing birds, or, if all else fails- playing with her own tails. Everything is always new and exciting in a cat's world. Perhaps there is something we could learn from them?

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