Saturday, May 14, 2011


Why couldn't life just be as simple as: put on a new outfit, buy a new pretty dress and feel happy? Or why can't it just be all about pleasure and vanity? Get up, make your hair pretty, your face glowing, eyes sparkling, go out for yummy cake and lay down with your loved one, cuddling and watching a movie in the evening...why does it have to be deeper than that? why do we have to think about careers and what to do with our lives and how to make money and what we need to do on a daily basis in order to not fall behind, not to sit still and "fall out of the boat of life"? Or do we at all? Is that what people mean by "stepping out of the rat race" and enjoying every small moment instead? I mean, where is the difference between vanity/shallowness and honest contentment?
 Or does it go back to the same "the things that make you happy define your level of awareness" type of thing?
I wish life was really just as simple as buying a new shirt sometimes.

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  1. Oh it is as simple as that. YOU'RE the one who complicates YOUR life (I direct this to everyone). And in the end, shopping loses it's appeal. Rich people commit suicide too, you know.