Sunday, March 27, 2011

History time!

Overall a very fulfilling, history-rich day. We visited three different places today, two of which are UNESCO's world heritage sites! It's quite amazing to immerse yourself in history and different cultures just by driving 45 min from one place to another. From a 12th century Cisterian monastery, with original Order of the Temple marks all over the church walls, to a 2nd century Roman amphitheater, surprisingly well preserved considering its close proximity to the sea. I guess the Romans really knew what they were doing?
I love driving on the small, countryside roads, watching the rolling hills, scenery and the occasional church poking out from another small town as we drive by. The gentle sun, the warm air, the smells....Spain is so beautiful, so relaxing, so unpretentiously awesome. I am blessed to be here with my favourite person of all time!

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